Tuesday, 31 March 2015

GW doesnt care from whom the cash flows, only that it flows (To them).

"See how many times you can say 'and my axe' during your game,
before I punch you in the face."
-Kharn the Betrayer
New Daemon Stuff!
Yeah I know its been a while since I last posted, around 6 months or so, but really there has been little to post about in my world of warhammer. Ive been doing a little painting, so more listing building but Ive only played about 3 games since my last post so I really didnt have much to add. Until today. Sure Im a bit late to the party reviewing a codex thats been out for 3 full days already.but we cant all wait in line at our local GW for the doors to open on release day.

Anyway lets face it, you dont care about me, you just want to hear a review of the latest CSM/Daemons stuff with the odd sarcastic comment attached.

The repack:
Firstly, lets get one thing straight, while this isnt really a new codex, so to speak. Its not a supplement, like the black legion codex. So while most of its units are going to have the same statlines and points costs as their original books, they technically arent the same book. This is significant for looking at allying with CSM and Daemons, as you are a different codex and therefore you dont have to use the combined forces table.
So of course many people have started to complain. Yeah, most of us know how much the CSM and Daemon codecies needed a little work to bring them up to todays power levels, but hey it could be worse, we could be ignored entirely like SoB enthusiasts or retconed to never exist...
Dwarf Lord
"Just give me a bolter and a round base, I'll play your 40k game"

As expected everything has to have the mark of khorne. Most of the units have it pre-built into their cost, which makes them appear more expensive at first glance. Your troops choices, CSM, Berserkers, Bloodletters, cultists also have a minimum squad size of 8. Which is an increase in the MSU size for the marines, but a decrease for the letters and cultists.

The daemons have lost both the warp table and instability. Which is probably the biggest change  this book has to offer. Not only does it mean they dont care if they lose a combat now. But perhaps even more important is that now you can mix and match your squads to have daemon characters in marine squads, and vice versa. meaning you can do cool stuff like this
- Slap a herald on a juggernaut into a squad of spawn.
- Have a Chaos Terminator Lord deepstrike in with, then tank the wounds away from a squad of blood letters.
- Slap Skulltaker in a squad of berserkers and ride a landraider into battle.
-Use a heralds icon and Locus to benefit your marines.

But thats not all. See at least until they smack us down with errata, You can get your Chaos sorcerer from your CSM codex and put him with your Daemons from Daemonkin. So even though Kharn is not in this codex, feel free to ally with CSM and mix and match your squads, even put him in a squad of bloodletters if you wish. This is because, as described before you arent part of the Daemons codex, so being your own codex has its perks.

Your new "faction based rule" generates you a set of tokens everytime a Daemonkin kills a unit or the unit is killed. Just like Epidemius, this sucks at small point games and gets ridiculous at larger point games (like 10,000 point apoc games giving you a free Bloodthirster every turn). This is to compensate for your loss of psychic powers, and considering its free, theres little to no downside.  

Oh and just to have fun, Heldrakes and defiler are now khornate, and benefits from khorne-tastic rules, like the FNP from your Blood Tithe.

So while Close Combat might have been nerfed hard, The Daemonkin might just be able to pull off enough ridiculousness, to give those gun toting, psychic bumbling, non bloodforthebloodgod believers a good run for their money.

Give them a taste of 10 Strength D attacks at WS10.
Army wide FNP every single turn (3 blood points is really achievable, it can be a rhino + the squad + 1 loss on your side) 
A use for those blood crusher models (they make great mounts for Chaos lords)
Armour saved dudes body guarding your daemons
Skulltaker in a tank.
Throwing a cultist squad at their THSS terminators hoping you die.
Throwing rhinos at your opponent so you can gain even more blood points (thats right rhinos count)
Yelling blood for the blood god at the top of your lungs until the guy from the store/your friends/your mother tells you to quiet down some of us have work in the morning.

So over all, very interesting book, will give you some cool interactions and a lot of fun building and playing a sacrificing things to the blood god. However the units remain to their old rules and points costs, so dont expect this to be the next OP must play at every tourny list.

What do you guys think? Are you excited about the mono god book? Are you at least excited by the thought that the future will bring more of the gods as mono-god books?


  1. I'm excited :). I've been debating taking the khorne as primary, and an ork dread mob as secondary. Throwing maulerfiends and ork walkers at things in a glorious metal death fest.

    1. Maulerfiends in khorne seem fairly good as you can keep pumping your blood tithe into the first 4 abilities, 5++ 3HP FNP IWND seems good. Also if your opponent goes first, you can wreck face with all those extra attacks you get even if your dudes die

    2. I didn't even think about the Maulerfiends getting FNP......wow!

  2. Yeah.,. vehicles can't benefit from FNP... they don't suffer wounds.

    1. Yeah good catch on that, but hey at least they can still generate the blood tithe so thats a thing.